Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You don't need a crystal ball -- history is repeating itself.

If the bailout passed last week were to have the desired outcome, kick-starting our ailing economy -- and there's no reason to believe it will -- we can expect another painful economic crisis in five to 10 years. It may not be an American crisis, and it might get less attention for that reason, but it will happen.

In the meantime, an enormous bubble of paper wealth will grow -- nobody can say in what sector or which region it will occur -- and some people who get out at the right time will make fortunes. But many more ..........For more

Is This The End??? Nope...

Taking some time off from this blog while I get a better hold on my life, health and career.
I'm obsessed with getting the weight off that I gained from quitting smoking.
In my quest to make some money blogging over this last year, I've gain not only weight, but an internet addiction, and a sedentary and almost reclusive lifestyle. While I lost the cigarettes, I also lost what little confidence I had in myself as well as my ability to communicate with people, even my family. I've been feeling mentally and physically atrophied.
It's time to take care of me, get ahold of my life and go forward with healthier habits, a part time job I can be proud of and ...
last and most exciting is going back to school for a new career. I've been accepted into the Midwest Academy of Healing Arts! By this time next year I will have my certificate in Massage Therapy.

This isn't the end of my writing or blogging, just greatly curbed for the next while. Heck, I'm already thinking I may start a diet/food/health blog over at 3fatchicks.com.